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Browse the list of all lockmiths near Belmont. There are 44 lock and key professionals located near you in Belmont, California and listed by their name alphabetically. Find a Locksmith near you rated by your neighborhood in the list below or search the map to view complete information of the local offices including hours of operation, 24/7 services and contact details.

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1 Around the Clock Service 1st Metro Locksmith - 1840 Gateway Dr, Belmont, CA 94404 details
2 Around the Clock Service 24 Hour San Francisco Locksmith - 202 Mission St, Belmont, CA 94105 details
3 Around the Clock Service A 24 Hour San Mateo Emergency Locksmi - 206 14th Ave, Belmont, CA 94402 details
4 Around the Clock Service A&A Locksmith - 2426 Pebble Beach Dr, Belmont, CA 95125 details
5 Around the Clock Service A+ Locksmith Inc - 1234 Redmond Ave, Belmont, CA 95120 details
6 Around the Clock Service A1 Locksmith - 359 Beach Rd, Belmont, CA 94010 details
7 Around the Clock Service AA Lock & Alarm Inc - 1251 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94025 details
8 Around the Clock Service ACE Lock & Security - 100 Hiller St., Belmont, CA 94002 details
9 Around the Clock Service Alex H Wang Sereno Group - 258 High St, Belmont, CA 94301 details
10 Around the Clock Service ASam's Lock & Safe Company - 3405 Bay Rd, Belmont, CA 94063 details
11 Around the Clock Service Auto Locksmith - 1504 S El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94402 details
12 Around the Clock Service Available Locksmith - 63 Bovet RdSte 220, Belmont, CA 94402 details
13 Around the Clock Service AVL Locksmith - 1504 S El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94402 details
14 Around the Clock Service Big B Locksmith - 6748 Mission StSte 203, Belmont, CA 94014 details
15 Around the Clock Service BMY 24 Hour Locksmith - 1501 El Camino RealC1, Belmont, CA 94002 details
16 Around the Clock Service Car Locksmith Near Me - Locksmith 2515 Carlmont Dr, Belmont, CA 94002 details
17 Around the Clock Service Carlmont Ace Hardware - 1029 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont, CA 94002 details
18 Around the Clock Service Carlmont Woods Apartments - 2515 Carlmont Dr, Belmont, CA 94002 details
19 Around the Clock Service Crawford's Lock & Key - PO Box 161, Belmont, CA 94402 details
20 Around the Clock Service Dependable Lock And Hardware - 1257 San Carlos Ave, Belmont, CA 94070 details
21 Around the Clock Service Dependable Locks Inc - 670 El Camino Real 1361, Belmont, CA 94063 details
22 Around the Clock Service Diamond locksmith - 410 williams pl, Belmont, CA 94401 details
23 Around the Clock Service Edmund Yue - Sereno Group Palo Alto258 High St, Belmont, CA 94301 details
24 Around the Clock Service Ellison's Towing - 1957 Old Middlefield Way, Belmont, CA 94043 details
25 Around the Clock Service Foster City Locksmith Pros - 740 Bounty Dr, Belmont, CA 94404 details
26 Around the Clock Service General SF - 3624 Irving StSte A, Belmont, CA 94122 details
27 Around the Clock Service Golden State Smog Center - 1150 Old County RdSte A, Belmont, CA 94002 details
28 Around the Clock Service Heritage Realty - 1107 S B St, Belmont, CA 94401 details
29 Around the Clock Service Honda Redwood City - 601 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94063 details
30 Around the Clock Service Industrial Lock Services - 2255 Old Middlefield Way, Belmont, CA 94043 details
31 Around the Clock Service Jim Minkey - Sothebys International Realty1250 San Carlos Ave, Ste 101, Belmont, CA 94070 details
32 Around the Clock Service Keylo Locksmith - 973 Laurel St, Belmont, CA 94070 details
33 Around the Clock Service Millbrae Lock - 311 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94030 details
34 Around the Clock Service MJ Borg Locksmith - 205 S Maple Ave, Belmont, CA 94080 details
35 Around the Clock Service Modern Lock & Security - 1615 Westwood Dr, Belmont, CA 95125 details
36 Around the Clock Service Mountain View Locksmith - 560 Castro St, Belmont, CA 94041 details
37 Around the Clock Service North Bay Lock Service - 901 Hill St Apt 7, Belmont, CA 94002 details
38 Around the Clock Service O'Neil's Lock & Key - 158 S Main St, Belmont, CA 95035 details
39 Around the Clock Service R & R Handywork and Construction - 555 O&39;Neill AveSte 1, Belmont, CA 94002 details
40 Around the Clock Service Red Line Towing - 2135 Palm Ave, Belmont, CA 94403 details
41 Around the Clock Service RedwoodCity Locksmith - Perry St 150, Belmont, CA 94063 details
42 Around the Clock Service Tanya Dzhibrailova Zephyr Real Estate - 215 W Portal Ave, Belmont, CA 94127 details
43 Around the Clock Service The Dawn Thomas Team - 728 Emerson St, Belmont, CA 94301 details
44 Around the Clock Service The Home Depot - 1125 Old County Rd, Belmont, CA 94070 details

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Recent Reviews

Midway Lock and Safe Inc
Location: Los Angeles, California
Al tried to charge my wife $250 for something he quoted me $100.
I brought my key for my wife's car to have it programmed. Al inspected the key and told me to bring my car around back. He quoted me $100. When I told him my wife has the car, he said come back with the car.

1 month later, my wife came back with the key and the car. He inspected the key and asked her where the car was. He quoted her $250. He told her that this key is a piece of junk and she needed to buy another key from him so that he could program it.

Somehow the same key became a piece of junk that needed to be replaced when my wife brought it in.

Rating: (1 / 5)
Alpha Locksmith
Location: East Hampstead, New Hampshire
I have used Vince at Alpha Locksmith since 2000 starting on Martha's Vineyard Island & since 2007 here in the Hampstead NH area The owners of the High End Properties I've worked on accepted Nothing but the best Craftsman available. Alpha always performs far above our expectations.. I personally recommend Alpha Locksmith to Everyone.. - H J Gibbs Jr owner Gentleman Jim's Construction since 1984.
Rating: (5 / 5)
H&O Garage Doors
Location: Queens, New York
the best service
Rating: (5 / 5)
A&a Locks and Locksmith
Location: Westminster, Colorado
Above and beyond great service! James was amazing!!
Rating: (5 / 5)
Anytime Locksmith
Location: Reno, Nevada
Charlie was amazing this morning, I needed a new key fob for my car over the weekend, insurance failed me and I did check with a competitor that had expensive weekend call rates. I called Anytime this morning and was given an early appointment so that I could get to work, the competitor wouldn't have made it to me until late in the afternoon.

Charlie was a GOD send, he quickly reprogrammed me a new key and was VERY knowledgeable about different features of my car. Apparently I have had remote start and I've owned my car for 5 years never knowing! I also made it to work today with very little lost time.

I am very proud to leave this review (I don't usually do so) and I am very glad that I chose Anytime Locksmith for the job today! Thank you Charlie!
Rating: (5 / 5)