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Why Go Local:

People often ask: Where to find the best Locksmith?
There are 2 answers to this question, the quick one: We already sifted trough the good and the bad companies out there, and only work with professional local neighbourhood locksmiths that are trained to do the job professionally and in a timely manner. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a locksmith quick, simply give us a call at (321) 294-0415 and we will advise you on the best action to take in your specific situation. The second answer is a bit more complicated: it depends on the specific situation you are in: did you get locked out of your car? Then you will need to search an automotive locksmith. Do you need to change your office locks? Then a commercial locksmith might be the best choice for you. Are you in an emergency situation - for example locked-out out of your own car or apartment outside of office hours? In that case, you should find an Emergency 24/7 Lock smith near you.

Before you contact a nearby locksmith professional you should be aware of the following differentiations:

Locksmiths near me for Car + Motor

Automotive locksmiths check and assists / upgrades the quality of automatic locking devices of your car, remote entry systems like key fobs but also remote airbags, seatbelts and more. They specialize in car security issues of all types and brands of auto-mobiles. Use the automotive locksmith finder on top of this page to find the best Car locksmith in your local area. They specialize in fixing roadside troubles such as:

  • Breaking the key after inserting it in the ignition.
  • Getting locked out or inside the vehicle.
  • Losing your car keys.
  • Having your automatic door locks malfunction.
  • If you locked your keys inside the car.
  • Motorcycle

    Most locksmiths that provide automotive services will also offer motorcycle lock and key services for the most common brands. Common services include:

  • duplicate motorcycle keys (key cutting)
  • motorcycle key replacement
  • Ignition keys
  • 247 roadside assistance
  • More info about our Automotive locksmith services.

    Commercial Lock and Key Services

    Commercial locksmiths provide their services to large commercial buildings such as hospitals, malls, offices but also serve small businesses like shops, gas stations, car washes etc. Common services:

  • In schools and offices, they can install a master key system that can provide all the workers with a key where they are authorized to go.
  • Installation of biometric systems in the sensitive areas of government buildings, police stations, and other offices.
  • Set up digital installations such as surveillance cameras and alarms.
  • To ensure the safety and confidentiality of files he can help install a safe or personalize the lock-and-key systems.
  • Local Locksmith at work

    Locksmith for Home - Residential

    Residential locksmiths can provide solutions for the security needs of home-owners. They can provide the following services:

  • Lock out / open door
  • Install / Change Locks / Cylinder
  • Key cutting
  • Rekeying
  • Master Keys
  • Installing intricate locking system.
  • Set up security cameras and alarms.
  • They can replace the old locks for the new owners so that the old tenants have no longer access to home after the leasing contract ends.
  • Find the best home locksmith for house keys and residential services via the local locksmith finder on top of this page. To learn more about our Home locksmith services, click here.


    Emergency or 24-hour locksmiths are the ones those can rescue you in case the security system malfunctions or you lose possession of your keys. Save the number of a reliable local neighborhood locksmith service who is available at any hour. Keep in mind to choose a business which are near your office or home. They have experience and the right set of tools with them so that don't have to take extreme measures like breaking the doors or windows. Apart from fixing lock and key problems, they can also repair and reinstall security devices like alarms, CCTV systems and bump proof deadlocks in case of theft or break-ins. Find more information about our Emergency locksmith services here.

    Local 24 hour lock and key services

    A local 24 hour locksmith near you can provide the fastest useful help, but most people pay little importance to save one in memory. It is best to decide before any emergency which company to reach and what can they do for you. A local locksmith should be able to provide the following services:

  • You might need assistance in the middle of the night if you discovered the front door of your house kicked or broken. A local locksmith can install new locks in your home. The procedure can involve new lock sets, or keep the old hardware and remove and replace the old cylinder and tumbler so that a new key is needed to open the lock.
  • The most commonly known service they provide is duplication of keys. They can make a copy of the lock for your home or car and then use the copy to cut as many keys as you need.
  • Locksmiths can not only get you inside of your locked residence or car but can also repair the lock so that you can sleep peacefully. Locks also need to be replaced at some point when your keys may get stuck in the lock.
  • Sometimes you find yourself locked at the wrong side of the door. They have the right tools and skills to open up the locked car or the door of your home.
  • In case of your front door being locked a locksmith might either pick the lock or use a bump key to open up the door without damaging your lock. He can also open up the locked vehicle to get the key resting in the ignition or laying on the seat.

    Keeping a nearby locksmith saved in your list of contacts.
    It is advisable to be prepared and search for a locksmith before you run into an emergency. You can call and find details about different companies available nearby. You can get an idea about the service and the prices offered by them so that you won’t get taken advantage of during an emergency.

    How to find a cheap locksmith near me

    The services that the locksmiths provide are often inexpensive. Copying a key may not be costly but installing the whole lock system of your house or recovery of your new car key with an electronic chip can be costly. The best time to find a locksmith is before you need one. In that case you'll be able to search for one with ease and no hurry.
    If you are in an emergency you will not have enough time to check (online) reviews and to find a locksmith who charges a reasonable price. Get numbers of 4-5 locksmiths that can provide you service at home or help you outside of regular business hours. Physically visit the store to look at their business.

    Be sure you check out any lock smith you are considering with the Better Business Bureau. If the BBB has records on the company, they will include information on the number of complaints and ho the company handled those complaints. Also, many states have locksmith associations that can include information on licensing, if required in the state. Feel free to ask questions about the qualification and proof of insurance, if they can provide a list of references, the services they can offer, list of services they provide and price for those services, do they offer any guarantee and if they have extra charges in case of emergency.

    If you are not familiar with this industry, you may not realize the cost for services. Ignition repair because your key broke off in the middle of the night can be quite costly. This goes for all urgent 24-hour services in general, they can be expensive when they are outside of business hours. Our recommendation is to get quote over the phone, and get the locksmith that arrives to your location to confirm this quote on paper before he starts his work to avoid any confusion about what you will be charged.

    How to choose the best locksmith

    Choosing the right company can be rather difficult if you don't know what to look out for. Like most security experts, we recommend taking some time to look a locksmith on whom you can rely and who will also be available in an emergency (24-7 services). Search and find a professional near you who seems most qualified and who charges a reasonable price for his services. It is best to get recommendations by friends and family members, but you can also pick up names from online review websites or ads published in the newspaper or phone book. Always be sure to check the companies reputation trough the Better Business Bureau.

    Don’t wait until an emergency occurs. When you need a locksmith now it will be hard to find someone who is reliable and reasonable. There are some people who will take advantage of an urgent situation, making it all the more important to select a reliable company when you have the time to make an intelligent choice.

    Things you should know about locksmiths

    The nearest neighbourhood business is not always the best choice, this is what you should know before choosing:

  • Every state has a group or organisation that can offer advice and information on locksmiths throughout your state. Check with the official organizations.
  • The Better Business Bureau often referred as BBB keeps records on complaints and how many of those were satisfactorily solved. Call them and inquire about the local companies in your list.
  • Ask them if they also provide mobile 24/7 services. You may never know when you need a locksmith and how critical the situation can be faced.
  • Ask the company rep about his experience in this field, how long he has been working and about the services he can offer.
  • You can have some references. Any legitimate business owner should be able to provide references. But don’t just hang onto a list. Call the previous customers and ask if they are still using or would use the locksmith again.
  • Get a price list. Any legitimate business owner should be able to provide references.
  • Some locksmiths may charge more after a certain hour, or may charge trip fees. The goal here is to establish all the possible charges so nothing can be added when you are stuck in an emergency situation.
  • The best way to select an emergency locksmith

    The best way to select a 24/7 locksmith near you is to create a list of local companies. The process will be a lot easier if you search for them before there is an urgency. That way you will exactly know whom to call when you are in need of an emergency locksmith. The difficult part of this search will depend on the size of the city or town where you live in. A big city has a number of locksmith companies while a small town might have only a few. Ask your friend or family member if they have used services of a locksmith or you can also find one from the ads in newspapers. Ask questions in personal to the locksmiths if they are available 24/7, do they own a qualification and license, and does the locksmith handle home, auto, and business services? What are the costs? Do they offer any specials – re-keyed locks for a home at one price. Ask him about insurance as most business will provide a proof of their insurance

    Check the Credentials of the Company

    Find out if your state has a locksmith association and give them a call to know about the emergency locksmith business you are considering. Check with the Better Business Bureau, which can offer information on the number of complaints received by a company, as well as how the company handled those complaints. Many local courts offer lawsuit search online. Find a court of general jurisdiction where the limit for lawsuits exceeds minimal levels. Don’t forget to check both civil and criminal divisions to see if the company has been involved in many lawsuits.

    When you may need a 24 hour locksmith:

    • You have locked yourself out of your business and cannot find spare keys.
    • You have locked your keys in your car and do not have a spare set.
    • Your home has been barged in and you want your windows and doors secured.
      • Cylinder with keys

        Finally some Tips:

        • Make certain measures to ensure there is enough lighting around the exterior of your house. If there are dark areas the intruders will find a good place to hide.
        •   Shrub and bushes make an ideal place for an intruder to hide. Cut beat from porches, window & doors.
        •  If you’re going to be away for a few days, ask the post office to hold your mail and newspaper on a daily basis. A Heap of newspapers and mail is the obvious sign that nobody is at home.
        •   Never leave keys inside your car.
        •   Do not leave ladders outside your home. They can provide easy access for the burglars.
        •   Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen throw a window. Install a blind behind the window to block sight.
        •   Install secure locks on all exterior doors of your home. Make sure you are not giving way to intruders. Do not forget to lock your garage also.