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  Office Security Rules and Tips

Office or workplace security threats can be both physical and electronic. This article contains advise and tips you and your personnel should follow to increase security in and around your company.

Office security should be a matter of great concern in a business no matter small or big. It is advisable to hire a professional security consultant or local locksmith who can look into every nook and corner of your office and bring to light the weak spots in your company's security, and provide a clear plan to upgrade security.

Surveillance Systems

A thank you note to science for giving us a wide range of advanced electronic gadgets to ensure office security.
Perhaps the most common electronic tools are closed-circuit surveillance systems and access-control systems. CCTV cameras are available in black and white, but the Modern CCTV cameras and displays are in high-resolution color, often complimented with sound options. The more advanced systems provide the CCTV administrator the ability to zoom in on a specific area or track an object or person.


The use of CCTV cameras in public spaces, stores and office buildings has increased over the years and has become widely accepted by the public . No matter how small is your office area the possibility of theft or burglary is always there, a CCTV camera system is a low-cost option to monitor what is going on in the office premises in your absence plus it helps to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. Additionally CCTV systems protect your employees and create a safe feeling environment in the workspace. If you do not want to monitor yourself, you can record the footage and assign a guard that checks for any aberrant activity happening on a regular basis.

Security Guards

Another option to increase security for larger businesses is to employ security guards. An old aged guard sitting on a chair with half opened eyes is a story of past, today the guards are well equipped and have good communication skills. They are qualified to act in any situation. The guards are settled either on the front desk of a company or if it is a large company or firm they petrol the grounds.

Security Guard

The presence of a security guard provides a safe feeling, and a sense of safety and security to you as well as your employees and customers. It also protects your business from thieves or burglars who will think twice when they see a uniformed protection.

A safety training for security guards is mandatory, but at-least staff members should also be taught what can be done to ensure and improve their as well as company’s security. So they can help your employees in taking necessary measures for others and for themselves when in danger.

Any security system can only be successful if the employees are also vigilant and trained to know how to act in a dangerous situation. When a company installs a new security system, it should take the time to bring in a security consultant to instruct the employees about what they can do to increase their own safety and improve the company's security.

Data Protection

Apart from shielding your office from physical breach, special measures must be taken to protect your office electronically. The data stored in your computers is as important as the merchandise in your warehouse or the equipment in your office. For companies who rely heavily on data, data protection is a matter of grave concern.

To ensure data security and electronic security of the office, following rules should be used.

  • All office work stations should be properly guarded against unauthorized access.
  • Every computer user should choose a complex password with a combination of alphabets and numbers.
  • Office computers and workstations must be protected with an updated anti virus program that is suitable for corporate level security provision.
  • Special care must be taken while using removable media in office computers. According to a recent research, removable media such as USB memory sticks are one of the prime source of spreading malware and viruses.
  • Data Protection

  • Office intranet or local area network must be protected with a firewall mechanism.
  • When you are connected to internet, information flows both ways. You need a firewall as doorkeeper to ensure security and prevent penetration and access to the data you have in our computers or laptops.
    Firewalls come in two varieties: software and hardware. Software firewalls are easier to install but can secure only one computer. Hardware firewalls are used to protect entire network of computers. Linksys, D-Link and many others make inexpensive hardware for small offices while CISCO, HP and others make firewall for larger offices.

  • All data should be backed up to a remote and secure location.
  • Make sure that your anti-virus software, firewalls and other software programs are routinely up dated. You can also increase security by disabling the ability to boot from a CD or USB.
  • Apart from laptop and computer securities, key security is also very important. Never leave keys on doors, return keys that you don’t use or don’t need. Don’t duplicate keys, in case of losing keys report to the authorities. Use a locked cash drawer or box. Lock cash boxes in drawers or a safe before leaving the office.
  • When performing a security audit no corner or angle of an office should be left in dark. Remember your business is as safe as the weakest key in the chain. Read more about increasing your office security and the commercial locksmith services we offer here.


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