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  Modern Electronic Entry Lock Options

Every Safe can be opened There is a saying that there are no safes that cannot be opened.
The same can be said for entry locks, especially if you are talking about cheap regular locks that works with a key for your front door. Seasoned burglars pick locks and can enter your abode in 1-2 minutes if they choose to.
There are even videos on the internet showing teenagers breaking and entering homes with “bump keys” in the span of several seconds.

An easy way to avoid simple lock bumping and easy break in methods is to invest in good quality locks.
In this post we will be discussing non traditional electronic entry locks: digital locks that offer advanced protection to your home and office. These modern entry smart lock options come in a lot of different forms and shapes, each with its own - sometimes mind-blowing - technology and benefits. Having been around long enough, we are accustomed to seeing these digital locks in offices, government buildings, and even hospitals.
With the advanced progress in technology, and decreased prices for digital quality locks they are now a valid option to be installed in suburban houses as well. Research has shown that burglars will likely avoid a propperty with electronic lock systems in exchange of other houses that use traditional locks because they are less of a hassle.

Here is a list of modern upgrades that will make your home a safer place:

Fingerprint lock

This is one of the the most-secure yet widely available lock in the market so far. As fingerprints are unique (nobody in the world has the same fingerprint), you can rest assured that nobody can enter your home or office if you had not registered their fingerprints into the device.
Fingerprint locks or biometric locks consist of a scanner that scans a person’s fingerprint and allows access to a person if the print matches the database. Another benefit of fingerprint locks is that you do not need to worry about losing or leaving any key item behind as you only need a finger to gain entry.

Remote control lock

Remote control locks basically work in the same way as the remote control for your TV, air conditioner, or car. All you need is the push of a button on your remote, and the door opens for you.

This is a very convenient method and it does not require remembering any codes or performing complicated programming if you are not so savvy-tech - your local locksmith will implement the initial installation for you.

To enter, when you come within range of your door you simply press on the key-fob (remote control), which will then send a signal to the receiver attached to the lock, the door will be unlocked electronically.

Push-button lock

This type of lock is the most traditional electronic lock. It's probably as secure as the automated teller machine you have been using. In order to unlock and enter your room you will need to type in a secret code that was set when you or your locksmith installed the lock after purchase. Depending on the brand and type of lock, you will be required to enter a 4-digit to 8-digit code to unlock. For safety reasons, you should regularly change or modify this code, especially if you shared it with others. For instance, if your girlfriend had been coming over as she pleased when you were dating, you had better change your password after you broke up.

Other methods

Some other methods to improve security are:

  • Install security cameras. This might hinder potential thieves because the home owner might be paying more attention than they were comfortable with. Do not use the faux cameras that give out red lights when turned off. If you wish to save money, you do not need to plug it on, it can serve as a warning.
  • Install a deadbolt. An ideal deadbolt should have a throw of at least 1 inch long and is supported by hardened steel plates on the sides.
  • Leave tell-tale signs that the house is occupied. When you have to leave the house empty, it is a good idea to leave the lights on. Other ways are to turn on the radio or TV.
  • Put up signs to deter burglars. Most burglars would look for a house with the lowest risk of them being caught. Having a “beware of dogs” sign in your front lawn or a dog house with its pet bowl on the backyard will lead them to believe that you, indeed, have canine guards.

More DIY tips to increase your home Security.



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